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1  G.O.Rt.No.112-Housing RH&C.A1 Department-Dated:13.08.2018 Housing Department-Adoption of price adjustment for steel & TMT/HYSD bars in all 2-BHK ongoing Housing projects-Further Orders-Issued.
2  G.O.Rt.No.114-Housing RH&C-A.1 Department-Dated:18.08.2018 Housing Department-Appointment of the Board of Directors to Technical Committee to finalize the rate of TMT/HYSD steel of Fe-415 grade confirming to IS 1786-2008 for the 2BHK Housing works of GHMC-Orders-Isuued.
3  G.O.RT.No.849-MA&UD(F2) Department-Dated:13.12.2016 MA&UD -GHMC-Construction of 2BHK houses in G+3 and G+S+9 pattern and providing infrastructure facilities to housing colonies in GHMC
4  G.O.RT.No.581-MA&UD(F2) Department-Dated:21.09.2017 MA&UD -GHMC-Construction of 9,896 DUs (1,00,000-90,104) for taking up Housing & Infra works with project cost of Rs.856 Cr in GHMC area- A.S-Accorded
5  G.O.RT.No.212-MA&UD(F2) Department-Dated:06.04.2017 MA&UD -GHMC-Construction of 69,535 2BHK houses in GHMC area-Administrative sanction for Rs.6014.78 Cr (Government share Rs.5388.96 Cr and GHMC share Rs.625.81 Cr) -Accorded
6  G.O.RT.No.764-MA&UD(F2) Department-Dated:01.11.2016 MA&UD -GHMC-Housing Scheme-Construction of 2BHK Dwelling Units (DUs) of G+3, S+5 & Cellar+Stilt+9 floors in 32 loactions-15519 Dwelling Units in GHMC area under Phase-II-Administrative Sanction-Accord
7  G.O.RT.No.586-MA&UD(F2) Department-Dated:26.08.2016 MA&UD -GHMC-Housing Scheme-Construction of 2BHK Dwelling Units (DUs) of G+3 & Cellar+Stilt+9 floors in 18 loactions-5050 Dwelling Units(Cellar+Stilt+9 floors in 13 locations-4164 DU's and G+3 floors in 5 locations-886 DU's) of GHMC area-A.S-Accord
8  G.O.Ms.No.3-Industries & commerce (Mines-I) Department-Dated:08.01.2015 Mines & Minerals -Regulation of Sand Mining-New Sand Mining Policy,2104-formation of Telangana State Sand Mining Rules-orders-Issued
9  G.O.RT.No.178-Housing (RH&C-A1) Department-Dated:02.11.2016 Housing Department-TSHCL-Procurement of cement by the TSHCL for implementation of WSHP under 2BHK for three years-Finalization of Rates-orders-Issued
10  GO Rt.No.69, dt14.05.2018 Housing Department – Adoption of price adjustment for Steel & TMT/HYSD Bars in all 2-BHK ongoing Housing Projects – Orders – Issued.
11  G.O.Ms.No. 11 Dated: 13-02-2017 Mines & Minerals - New Sand Mining Policy, 2014- Certain amendments to Telangana State Sand Mining Rules,2015- Orders-Issued
12  GO Rt No.1194, dt.29.05.2017 Appointment of Chairman to Telangana State Housing Corporation Limited
13   G.O.Ms.No. 4 Dated: 29-06-2017 Housing Department – Recast the unit cost of houses in 2 Bed Room Housing Programme in the State without infrastructure component - Orders - Issued.
14  GO Ms.No.2, dt.22.04.2017 Housing Department Sanction of 1000 houses for each of the 95 Assembly Constituencies (Except GHMC area ) in the State under 2 BHK Housing Programme Orders - Issued.
15  GO Rt No.62, dt.12.04.2017 Certain relaxation of eligibility criteria of tenders for 2 BHK housing programme in the State - orders - issued
16  GO Rt No.61, dt.12.04.2017 Relaxation of financial conditions applicable to the previous called tenders etc., - orders - issued
17  GO Rt No. 33 dt.17.02.2017 Housing Department- WSHP- Relaxation issued to financial conditions in the tenders- Amendment-orders-issued
18  GO Rt.No.26, dt:04.02.2017 Housing Department Weaker Sections Housing Programme Certain modifications of financial conditions in the tenders relaxation orders issued.
19  GO RT No73, Dt:29.04.2016 Construction of 2BHK in GHMC - For extending the period for completion of housing work of Stilt+9 floors/suitable pattern from 6 months to 12 months in relaxation to the guidelines issued at paraV(g) of GO MS No 10 Housing(RH&C-A1) dt:15.10.2015
20  GO MS No 7, Dt:28.04.2016 Permission to Telangana State Housing Corporation Limited, Hyderabad to raise the loan from M/s HUDCO for an amount of Rs.12549.60 Crores for implementation of 2 Bed Room Housing Programming for the year 2016-17 in Rural and Urban (other than GHMC) and GHMC areas with the State Government Guarantee
21  GO RT No.61 Dt.11.04.2016 Constitution of Project Monitoring Unit at State Level implementation of 2 Bed Room Housing Programme with supporting staff permission accorded orders issued
22  G.O.MS.No. 6 Dt.27.04.2016 Sanction of 2,00,000 houses both for Rural, Urban and GHMC in the State under 2BHK Housing Programme for the year 2016 and 17
23  G.O.RT.No. 159 Dt.20.11.2015 Honble Chief Minister Assurances 2BHK Medak District construction of (1250) 2BHK at Gajwel Pregnapur Nagarpanchayath sanction of Rs.937.5 lakhs for providing infrastructure
24  GO RT No.69 Dt.04.06.2015 Sanction of 2BHK houses in 03 slums viz.,Patha Palamoor, Patha Thota and Veerannapet of Mahaboobnagar Municipality
25  GO MS No.02 Dt.04.06.2015 Sanction of 2BHK houses in G+ pattern at Warangal.
26  GO RT No.03 Dt.06.01.2016 Increasing the unit cost of each house/flat under 2 Bed Room Housing Programme in Greater Hyderabad.
27  GO RT No.125 Dt.15.10.2015 Honerable CMs Assurances- Sanction of 2-BHK houses in Gajwel of Pregnapur in Medak District.
28  GO MS No.03 Dt.08.01.2015 Mines & Minerals -Regulation Of Sand Mining -New Sand Mining Policy.
29  GO RT No.135 Dt.15.10.2015 Hon'ble CM's Assurances- Sanction of 2-BHK houses in Gajwel of Pregnapur in Medak District.
30  GO RT No.134 Dt.20.10.2015 Sanction of (165) houses in Ankapur (V) Armoor(M) of Nizamabad District.
31  GO MS No.08 Dt.26.09.2015 Sanction of 60,000 houses both for Rural and Urban in the year 2015-16.
32  GO RT No.109 Dt.07.09.2015 Sanction of (285) houses in Erravelly( V), Jagadevpur (M), Siddipet (D) Medak District.
33  GO MS No.12 Dt.26.11.2015 Guidelines issued for implementation of 2 Bed Room Housing Programme.
34  GO MS No.10 Dt.15.10.2015 Guidelines for implementation of 2 Bed Room Housing Programme.
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