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S.No Circulars Subject
1  Cir.No.1095/TSHCL/ 2BHK- Fire Victims/2017, Dt:26.10.2017 WSHP- Hon’ble C.M. Assurance Dtd:27.12.2016 – “2BHK houses will be constructed for the Fire accident” – Instructions issued – Reg.
2  Lr.no.2192/2BHK/2017, dt.07.08.2017 Request received from Gen Admn (V&E) Dept to submit the details of 1% labour cess deducted in all civil works on cost of construction
3  Lr.No.352/2BHK/Sangareddy/2017, Dt.07.02.2017 WSHP 2BHK 400 houses in Sangareddy Constituency Guidelines for calling tenders Reg.
4  Lr.No.3045/2BHK/E&P/NZB/2016, Dt.07.02.2017 WSHP 2BHK-Nizamabad district Proposals received for release of funds to Consultants for preparation of layouts etc., Guidelines issued Reg.
5  Lr.No.2983/2BHK/KMM/E&P/2016 Dt:09.02.2017 WSHP-2BHK Housing - Requistion for release of funds District as unit covering all - Instructions -Reg.
6  Lr no.7689/TSHCL/E&P/2BHK/NZB/2015 dt.08.02.2017 Implementation of 2 BHK Housing programme relaxation of eligibility criteria of tenders for 2 BHK houses in Karimnagar
7  Circular no.2512, Dt.20.01.2017 WSHP 2BHK housing in the state requisition of funds for stage wise payments instructions issued reg
8  Circular No.7706/2BHK-Gen/2014 dt.06.01.2017 WSHP 2 BHK Housing guidelines on service tax exemption
9  Lr.No.F1/531/2015-16/(2BHK) Date:26 .11.2016 Release of payments opening of separate bank accounts Instructions issued reg.
10  District wise cement companies allotted for 2BHK List of companies
11  Lr. No.6081/APSHCL/Cement/2011-12, Date: 24.11.2016 Procurement of cement MOU between TSHCL and cement companies is enclosed agreement format is communicated reg.
12  MOU with cement companies MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING
13  Agreement with cement companies Agreement draft
14  Lr. No. 2512/2BHK/Releases/Requisition/2016 Dt:16.11.2016 Requisition for release of funds calculation of value of work done as per Stage wise Payments reg
15  Lr. No. 2512/2BHK/Releases/Requisition/2016 DT: 05.11.2016 Requisition for release of funds proforma communicated reg.
16  D O. Lr No 7706/TSHCL/E&P/2BHK-GEN/2014, DT: 07-11-2016 Constitution of PMU - Re-organization of districts- Guidelines for implementation-Immediate necessary action-reg
17  1454/TSHCL/E&P/Layouts-Gen/2BHK/2016,Dt:27.06.2016 Preparation of Layouts and building plans-soil testing-structural design,estimates&BOQs, payment to the firms-further instructions-Reg
18  No.1840/2BHK/Progress/2016,Dt:22.06.2016 2BHK-Monitoring of Physical and Financial Progres-Constitution of District Monitoring Committees (DMCs) and District Project Units (DPUs) - Guidelines -Reg.
19  No: 7706/TSHCL/E&P/2BHK-GEN/2014,Dt:22-6-2016 2 BHK Housing-Type designs, Specifications and required provisions-Communicated - Reg.
20  No.7535/E&Pllayout/TSHCL/20109, Dt:19.02.2016 Preparation of layouts in INDIRAMMA Urban Housing by M/s Ideal Survey payment of balance amount
21  No.3236/TSHCL/E&P/2BHK/Soil Testing-Stru.Dsigns-BOQs/2015, Dt:28.12.2015 Empanelment of Consultants for Soil Testing, Structural Designs, Estimates & BOQs for the 2BHK houses-Preparation of Designs, Estimates & BOQs for infrastructure works in the layouts
22  No.3236/TSHCL/E&P/2BHK-MDK/Preparation of Layouts-Bldgs plans/15, Dt:17.11.2015 2BHK Housing-Empanelment of Architects for preparation of layouts and building plans- Guidelines communicated-Reg.
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